Saturday, August 27, 2016

[Ishi_Kei]_TiTi Kei supplement - Decensored versions

English, decensored version

Japanese, decensored version

So a bit of an explanation regarding what this post is.  Fakku licensed and released an official English, uncensored version of TiT*KEi, which I recommend everyone should buy because it's great and worth it just for the art alone.

You can buy it at

That being said, in Japan there were two versions, a standard edition and a limited special edition.  Fakku was only allowed to license the standard edition because the Japanese wanted the limited edition to remain a limited edition.  So now, as a result, it is mostly out of print and otherwise unavailable through legal means.   

The main difference between the two versions is that the special edition, while including everything from the standard version, had a lot of illustrations (about 40) from various magazine covers or other special one off illustrations for promotional items that the artist has done over the years.  Almost like an artbook on it's own.  There is also short 4 page comic as well and all the images are in color but it's mostly single page illustrations, and a few double pages that I combined together, with little to no dialogue.

All the images in here are only from the special edition that and nothing from the standard edition is included in this upload.  If you want the standard edition pages just buy it from the fakku link mentioned earlier.  It's a high quality release and there is little to no reason why any hentai fan should be without it.

This post is intended to simply be a supplement to the standard version since it does not appear that there will ever be a Uncensored version or an English version of these pages through official and legal channels. 


  1. thanks for the work...

    can you add the cover of the limited edition as well?

    it's different than Fakku release...

    1. Page 213 in Fakku's release is virtually identical to the limited edition cover.