Sunday, September 28, 2014

[enuma elish] Flera


Commissioned by anonymous

I received a notice from mediafire that a number of my uploads were taken down.  While this has not happened in a while it does happen with them from time to time so if older uploads are no longer available that's probably why.  For this reason I use two upload sites.  I used hotfile for many years but they were shut down some time ago so everything I upload to them is gone too.  It would be too much of a headache to bother filtering through everything I've uploaded ever to check if files are still available, especially since how the number of people who come to the site is relatively small and most of what I've done is available elsewhere.  If you see a file that is unavailable on this blog and also not available on and you would like to download it send me an email and I can make a link and sent it to you via email.


On another note I finished decensoring [Shiwasu no Okina] Peace Hame! Ge (Lower Volume) last month.  You can find the first volume, for free, on this page : [shiwasu no okina] peace hame jou. While there were multiple votes in the poll saying people would fund the second volume, only two people actually did.  I can only assume that people were hesitant to do so because they were afraid that it would never reach it's goal and their money would be wasted.  The only way I could alleviate this concern is to decensor it and sent it more as a finished product rather than a project to be funded.

For the English version, I transferred the text from the lower resolution English version scans to the higher resolution Japanese manga version, I also rescanned the color images from my own copy to improve the quality.  Here's a sample you can see the difference.

I will be charging $10 for this for the work involved.  If you want a copy you can email me stating you want a copy and I'll send a paypal request for the $10.  Then I will email a download link for you.  If you have already given me $10 or more in the past for anything, even a commissioned project, I can sent you one for free if you'd like, as a thank you for helping me out.  I will request that people don't share it or upload it elsewhere to be respectful to those who are paying.  I also don't plan on releasing it publicly at this time.  I realize many people are use to getting stuff for free and this might offend some people.  While I wish the world didn't revolve around money, unfortunately it does, and circumstances in my life require me do this.  Thank you to the few who have helped me out and for your understanding.


  1. Awesome! Thanks Mr. Anonymous for putting this through!

    And to you as well Bell!

  2. As for Peace Hame Ge, did you also transfer the translation on tank scans like you did for the previous volume?

    1. Yes, I guess it got kind of buried in the wall of text, but I transferred the English translation onto the higher quality tank scans.

  3. orz reading fail... I'll be in touch shortly.

  4. Alexandrine LibraryOctober 4, 2014 at 3:34 PM

    I strongly recommend this decensored Peace Hame Ge.
    The work is first-quality!

  5. Hello Belldandy100 !

    Just reporting your link to has broken HTML in the present post.

    Also, I'll be posting a link to your blog on my site to tell you are offering the decensored and English version of Peace Hame Ge!, however, to be frank, even for me who's not a total newbie in hentai, it took me a seriously long time to find to which blog post I should give a link (found it :

    Reason is : you don't post the cover of Peace Hame Ge, you don't make it a title, you give an hyperlink... to Peace Hame Jou...

    It is INCREDIBLY easy to fail to notice you're offering to obtain Peace Hame Ge.

    I think a rewrite of this post would be nice, but, heh, it's up to you ;)

    1. Thank you for the suggestion. I made a separate post with Peace Hame Ge information.

    2. Sweet ! I'll update the link on my blog. I'd have done it earlier - before posting on my blog - if only blogger had bloody sent me a notification that you responded to this comment.

      If you care, that was here :