Thursday, December 25, 2014

[Clesta] CL-orz 12 (Love Plus)(SC49) (Eng, Decen)


I decensored this a while back but for whatever reason this was the only Cl-orz doujinshi that was not translated so there was no English version so I only released a Japanese decensored version at the time.

I was commissioned to de-text it and Coconut did the translation. The commissioner requested that it be uploaded on Christmas so enjoy.

Artist's Pixiv page
Artist's web site
Toranoana Clesta page-site


  1. What a nice present.
    Thank you very much Belldandy and kind commissioner.
    And Merry Christmas to everyone.

  2. Long live King Belldandy100.

    And thanks commissioner.

  3. thanks for this sensei! merry x-mas ;)

  4. Thanks kind Belldandy and commissioner :)

  5. Wata 120 Percent recently released another doujin. It is a Sword Art Online doujin featuring Sinon, title SHE NON-STOP.

    Can you decensor that one when you have time, please?

  6. I am aware of the release and have purchased a copy for myself among some of my other favorite artists from C87. One day I'll probably get around to it I do have a lot of other things as well as commissions to work on. Also, as I have stated before, I'm giving preference to older titles, (6 months and older, 1yr+ and/or out of print items even better) so as to minimize the chances of hurting the sales for the original artist.

    The only exception I intend to make to this is if I'm specifically commissioned to do so though I would ask the commissioner to not post it elsewhere until at least 6 months from original release and I would not post it on my blog either until such a time had pasted.