Friday, November 6, 2015

[Shiwasu no Okina] Peace Hame! Ge (Lower Volume) (eng, decen)

This is the decensored version of the second volume for Peace Hame series.
You can find the first volume already decensored on this page : [shiwasu no okina] peace hame jou                                                                                             
                                 Previously online versions             New scan quality 


[Shiwasu no Okina] Peace Hame! Ge (Lower Volume) (decen)

This was previously released to people who contributed $10.  That was mostly to help offset the costs and time involved for decensoring and higher quality scan improvements, as well as to see if there were enough people willing to support me so that I could do this full time.  Turns out there seems to be enough people to offset the costs of importing so at least I'm not losing money on my hobby but no where near enough people to support a full time commitment.

I hope you enjoy.  


  1. Hello sensei, you have the last manga of Endou Hiroto? Released 3 months ago, examples:

    1. I do not have it yet. I usually make an order around Comiket time.