Friday, November 11, 2016

(C73) [Gerupin (Minazuki Juuzou)] KareRin - Decensored

English, decensored

Japanese, decensored


  1. hey, there are many people asking for a uncensoring job:
    wolf girl with you, from seismic.
    i'm not the only one who wants it, please *u*

    1. I would like an uncensored version of that too, but there are a number of things that complicate things.

      1. The obvious, it would be very difficult and time consuming to decensor an animated game. I know I did so with Hizashi but I had help and it still took two years to do. Much of that time I did working full time just on that. I easily spent thousands of hours on that project and aside from a handful of thanks I've had a number of headaches including my tumblr account being shut down. Basically, such a project will give me almost nothing but trouble.

      2. In terms of what I chose to work on, I strongly prefer doujinshi, preferably ones are out-of-print and pose little to, no risk of hurting sales for the artist. Something that is available easily and that is popular like this game would definitely have its sales hurt by any version I make/upload. To avoid this I would have to require people email me an image/screenshot with a proof of purchase and hope no one re-uploads it online. That would limit accessibility and probably very few people would ever know about it. Considering the work required, it seems to be strongly not worth it. Keep in mind that I pretty much would get nothing but headaches from doing so. Ranging from uploads being shut down to possible legal threats. Both of which have already happen to me multiple times.

      3. Given the game's success, I would not be entirely surprised if a US based digital store would be willingly to license/sell said product in an uncensored format. I think this would be the best way to go. I'm not familiar with the logistics of such an endeavor but I would imagine that for a few tens of thousand dollars (maybe through crowd funding) a group of dedicated fans may be willing to do that.