Friday, December 2, 2016

(C84) [Majimeya (isao)] Getsu Ka Sui Moku Kin Do Nichi 2 - Decensored

English, Decensored

Japanese, Decensored


  1. Was just wondering, are you planning on doing the next Azusattack since you did the others?

    1. Short answer:
      Eventually yes, though not likely anytime soon. (I'm thinking years down the road)

      Long answer and thoughts on the issue please read further:

      First, I'll make an order and get my own copy, then I'll scan and edit it myself since I'm very particular on the high level of quality that I want and I feel it's important to support the artist.

      Furthermore, I'm focusing on older, out-of-print titles to avoid hurting the sales for the artists of the titles I decensor. I find it a bit disheartening to see people posting scans of it so soon after it's been released, less than two weeks of being on sale. Especially since most of the sales would probably come around Comiket 91 at the end of the month. When many people, like myself, will order a bunch of doujinshi in bulk with the huge influx of material that comes with each Comiket.

      I love this artist for their amazing art work and I want to support them as best as I can. I'm sorry if my answer is a bit disappointing since it means that a decensored version, at least from me, won't be available for a long time, but I hope it's at least understandable.

      From my experience, posting a raw this early from a popular artist, like Wata 120%, will very likely result in a loss of sales of thousands of copies and multiple thousands more in lost income to the artist. If it was up to me I'd send a check for $5000 to him as compensation since I'm guessing he'll lose about that much though the exact amount is impossible to know.

    2. Nah I'm not disappointed, I'm just glad it will be uncensored in the future, cause I like the artist's work and you do a good job uncensoring as well.

    3. It's fairly safe to assume for certain artists like Wata120 Percent and NiseMIDIdoronokai I will decensor any colored, vanilla works they do, eventually.