Friday, October 17, 2014

Some of you who may be aware that exhentai and some other places received notices to take down all content from Wani publishing.  If you were like me, you were like, okay another one of those, and moved on, but I did some digging as to why and it turns out to be wonderful news for anybody interested in H-manga. 

You may also be aware of which has been around for many years as a place to download and read printed hentai material.  Well they have an agreement with Wani publishing to handle distribution of all of their artists, which is quite a lot, and they will be doing digital and paperback releases for those that like that format.  Most importantly, they will be releasing it uncensored. 

They already have Renai Sample by Homonculus available for digital download DRM free.  
You can get it here.  -->

Punikano is on the way

And based on the press release, they should be doing TiTiKEi by Ishikei soon.  (same artist as NiseMidiDoronkai)

Fakku press release with information on what artist's work they now have access to-

I encourage everyone to check them out and support them.

And because of this any manga that I have decensored from them I've removed voluntarily which was not that much since I mostly focus on doujinshi rather than manga.  It would also be silly of me to decensor anything from their list of artists since they now have a chance of coming out uncensored.  I'll mainly continue to focus on doujinshi to decensor since they have basically a zero percent chance of ever being uncensored.


  1. I'm in agreement and support of this. More revenue for our favorite artists. 10 bucks is not breaking the bank for the quality, especially since they release them only once in a while. Not like you're spending 100 bucks in a quarter.

    1. I agree, though if they were to release that many products that I like I would be happy but my wallet would be sad. The thing I like about this is they offer a digital version, the image quality is great, they are releasing products from artists I like, and because it's DRM free I have no issue view it.

      So many other companies over the years have tried this but only do paperback which I didn't want, and/or it's still censored, *cough* H-project.

      Compared to the amount of time effort and money I put in to import, scan, edit, then decensor stuff just so I can see it without censoring, to me this is a godsend. I'm also glad that more money goes to support the artists rather than shipping and courier fees.