Friday, October 17, 2014

[T2 ART WORKS (Tony Taka)] Recollect (decen)

Free upload.  Feel free to post elsewhere.  Donations welcomed of course.  Unfortunately, this book is incomplete.  To my knowledge some pages were missing and the complete version was never posted so I could only decensor what was available but most of the pages are here.  They are high quality and look quite nice after cropping leveling, rotation adjustment, clean know the routine.

If you want to support the original artist you can buy a copy here

I've adjusted the pricing of commissions to be based on per bar of censoring rather than per page since most censoring uses white or black bars so it'll be easier for people to gauge prices.

Here's the new pricing.
Light censoring (aka thin bars) (most censoring falls under this category) - $1-2/bar
Moderate censoring (thicker bars/small boxes) - $2-3/bar
Heavy censoring, full censorship, mosaic, etc - Send email with the request so I can have a look at it and give an estimate.

As I mention on the commission page depending on the specific type, location, size, etc of the censoring price may be higher or lower than these values.  The vast major of doujinshi I've seen falls under light censoring/thin bars.  Also anything posted in the "Future projects page" can be commissioned at 50% of typical pricing.

As a side note, since a few people were asking about [Nise Midi Doronkai (Ishikei)] MikanAX, I was counting the number of bars from my copy in this 16 page doujinshi...about 130...24 bars in the first 8page, 100+ in the last 8 pages.  ;__;  I wish I was joking.

Makes me wonder how well known am I in Japan and if they do this just to make things harder for me.



  1. Really nice, thanks and like always, keep up the good work.

  2. thank you very much for this recollection .